Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze

It's way too late, but here it is anyway, iki's Halloween costume!

He wanted to be a Kamen rider Fourze, his fave superhero character so we made this costume together!

Iki made the mask, belt and switches from paper craft. I made the costume from 100 yen raincoat with black thick tape and red marker!

Visiting ASIMO

We went to the science and future museum, Miraikan this afternoon.
Actually I brought iki once last summer holiday but he wanted to visit
it again with papa!

The first visit to that museum opened his eyes about robot and future
science. He is in love with robot making and plamodel since then.

Today he got a very rare chance to do short demonstration with ASIMO
robot. His favorite ever robot.

He really enjoyed the visit. We stayed until closing time, and he was
very satisfied!
Later at home he told us that he will study hard and learn how to make
a robot. He will make a saru (monkey) robot who can climb a tree. Good
luck, iki!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sweet potatoes party

Early this month we had school trip (ensoku) to saitama area for sweet
potatoes picking (imohori)

We brought home soooo many sweet potatoes. I sent obaachan 8 potatoes,
gave away some more to friends and neighbor, put a bit of it on our
meal every day, but still had some left!

So yesterday I had sweet potatoes party at home with some friends.
Everyone should bring in one sweet potatoes meal!

It was a good party! A lot of variety of sweet potatoes meal, to my surprise!

We even had small birthday celebration for a friend, with sweet potato cake!

And I closed the day finishing the left over wine. Ah.... What a life!