Tuesday, October 11, 2005

(_ _o)

These past few weeks I feel like doing everything wrongly. I feel like I took the wrong decision. I feel like I said the wrong words. I feel like I couldn't understand anything and left blank. I feel like I forgot-and dropped-and left many important things. I feel like I lost my brain and consciousness.

I was thinking that it is because of the situation. It gave me pressure that I lost my control and sense.

I also once blamed the hormones that caused me into this weak-fragile-sensitive-and easy crying woman.

But today in the train on my way back home, I knew one thing. The center of problem is ME myself.

Am scared now.......

Monday, October 10, 2005

Mt. Fuji

Yesterday I had a trip to Mt. Fuji with my sister-in-law's family and my parents in law. They had planned it since last week, but due to bad weather they were about to cancel it. Therefore last weekend I went to Yokohama to stay there, because I didn't think I couldn't manage to Mt. Fuji with my big stomach. I would only be a problem to them.

But well...dealing with kids and promise hahaha. The two children kept begging the father to go to Mt. Fuji if the weather forecast was positive, and they used me also as a reason (>_<). "Papa...mama...shierly never goes to Mt. Fuji. Want to go there while Shierly is here..."

So, early morning yesterday, the kids woke up very early and grabbed newspaper. Once they saw that Shizuoka area will only be cloudy, they woke up everybody and cried to the father to go to Mt. Fuji.

So At last after four times coming to Japan, I visited Mt. Fuji.....

Mt. Fuji

Beautiful mountain, right? and I DID wish I could see it!!!!!!!!

WELL......it was NOT raining, but it was FOGGING. Great!! We had a trip around the mountain; got out of highway from Shizuoka area, visited a pasteurization ranch there, had Soba as lunch at a very traditional Japanese restaurant deep in thick-fogging mountain, moved around to see the five lakes of Mt. Fuji , and at last went back to Yokohama from highway entrance at Gotemba. If I saw a map at the guide book, we've driven almost around Mt. Fuji. Only to see large bottom of it hahahahaha.

Tragic huks huks....I went to Mt. Fuji, but the Mt. Fuji was hidden by the thick fog.

Anyway, I had a great time. To experience that Mt. Fuji area was not cold during autumn. It was FREEZING (^_^). Everyone said that it's for my training to experience how cold Korea wuld be hahaha....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy mother

I was so happy...

I went to doctor last week. Saw my baby again after a month, at a maternity clinic at Takashima Daira. Well, it was not so easy to find an English speaking doctor here, so I was so thankful finally I could find that clinic. The clinic is owned by a couple of obs-gyn, and both can speak English fluently because they stayed at the USA for quite a long time.

At first she showed me the baby's heart beat. I was almost jumped of happiness. Well, that it the SIGN that my baby is ALIVE!! strong and fast, sounded loud to my ear.

Then she showed me the baby. Woa.....already much bigger now. Not as tiny as I could remember. The head is perfectly round, completed with brain, eyes and nose bone. The heart is beating strongly. The back bone has a perfect shape. Fat already covered the baby, so I could see the fatty hands and thighs already. Cute cute cute!!!!! I can't describe my feeling here. It was just so wonderful to see him moving around. To see the baby opened the palms and shows the complete fingers. Especially to see how the legs opened and showed me the gender. Huehehehehehe!!!

I screamed. hihihi the doctor was surprised, but she said that the reaction could be understood.

I will be mother soon. Woa....unbelieavable!!!!

I went home still full of happiness, and in the full train, for the first time someone stood up and gave the seat for me!!! Hehehehe really a mother day.

Then last weekend Hiro came from Korea. So happy to meet him again. And most of all, my baby showed the movement already to him. The father could feel the baby kicking.....

Hmmm....waiting forward to see you again, kid!