Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Happy mother

I was so happy...

I went to doctor last week. Saw my baby again after a month, at a maternity clinic at Takashima Daira. Well, it was not so easy to find an English speaking doctor here, so I was so thankful finally I could find that clinic. The clinic is owned by a couple of obs-gyn, and both can speak English fluently because they stayed at the USA for quite a long time.

At first she showed me the baby's heart beat. I was almost jumped of happiness. Well, that it the SIGN that my baby is ALIVE!! strong and fast, sounded loud to my ear.

Then she showed me the baby. Woa.....already much bigger now. Not as tiny as I could remember. The head is perfectly round, completed with brain, eyes and nose bone. The heart is beating strongly. The back bone has a perfect shape. Fat already covered the baby, so I could see the fatty hands and thighs already. Cute cute cute!!!!! I can't describe my feeling here. It was just so wonderful to see him moving around. To see the baby opened the palms and shows the complete fingers. Especially to see how the legs opened and showed me the gender. Huehehehehehe!!!

I screamed. hihihi the doctor was surprised, but she said that the reaction could be understood.

I will be mother soon. Woa....unbelieavable!!!!

I went home still full of happiness, and in the full train, for the first time someone stood up and gave the seat for me!!! Hehehehe really a mother day.

Then last weekend Hiro came from Korea. So happy to meet him again. And most of all, my baby showed the movement already to him. The father could feel the baby kicking.....

Hmmm....waiting forward to see you again, kid!


mia said...

so happy for you, .. just about to ask "how are you?" but then again it's actually not necessary hehehe take care muth

imoet said...


Good luck and take care for you juga di Holland sono.