Monday, October 10, 2005

Mt. Fuji

Yesterday I had a trip to Mt. Fuji with my sister-in-law's family and my parents in law. They had planned it since last week, but due to bad weather they were about to cancel it. Therefore last weekend I went to Yokohama to stay there, because I didn't think I couldn't manage to Mt. Fuji with my big stomach. I would only be a problem to them.

But well...dealing with kids and promise hahaha. The two children kept begging the father to go to Mt. Fuji if the weather forecast was positive, and they used me also as a reason (>_<). "Papa...mama...shierly never goes to Mt. Fuji. Want to go there while Shierly is here..."

So, early morning yesterday, the kids woke up very early and grabbed newspaper. Once they saw that Shizuoka area will only be cloudy, they woke up everybody and cried to the father to go to Mt. Fuji.

So At last after four times coming to Japan, I visited Mt. Fuji.....

Mt. Fuji

Beautiful mountain, right? and I DID wish I could see it!!!!!!!! was NOT raining, but it was FOGGING. Great!! We had a trip around the mountain; got out of highway from Shizuoka area, visited a pasteurization ranch there, had Soba as lunch at a very traditional Japanese restaurant deep in thick-fogging mountain, moved around to see the five lakes of Mt. Fuji , and at last went back to Yokohama from highway entrance at Gotemba. If I saw a map at the guide book, we've driven almost around Mt. Fuji. Only to see large bottom of it hahahahaha.

Tragic huks huks....I went to Mt. Fuji, but the Mt. Fuji was hidden by the thick fog.

Anyway, I had a great time. To experience that Mt. Fuji area was not cold during autumn. It was FREEZING (^_^). Everyone said that it's for my training to experience how cold Korea wuld be hahaha....

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lesite=; lauteur=nadtz said...

huaaa mt Fuji... keren moet! kalo belum puas karena fog, masih ada waktu buat ke mt fuji lagi toh kapan2 ^-^