Thursday, June 11, 2009

Under our house

I love the area under our house. 

It's not only for my car's parking area.

There is a sandbox and playing area where Iki can spend hours playing either alone or with his friends

There is a swing he loves to play


There is enough space for him to play with his bike.

It is big enough to host a party for 20 people.

A nice place for lunch on a relaxing Sunday.

Also great for candle light dinner.

I simply love the space under my house.

Monday, June 08, 2009


The diving range on our new boat is a favourite for the guests we've been invited so far. It is interesting to watch them jumping in, and to see their reactions (and screaming) :D. I don't dare to do that, though. I even haven't got enough confidence to swim without arm floats in the deep water!!

Jumping from that diving range is one of my resolutions before leaving Sorowako ;-)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

My First Golf

Golf is a cheap sport here in Sorowako. We only have to pay 10,000 IDR = 1 USD for a 9 holes game. Where in other earth people can play golf with that price?!?! I think that's why almost all houses in Sorowako have a golf club :p

So one Sunday in January, I went to play golf for the first time with Hiro. He said that it is a fun and easy sport, so I shouldn't be worried to much. Then off we went to the golf course, paid two caddies (one is for babysitting Iki :p).

But then I found out that Golf is not an easy sport after all. I couldn't hit the ball!!!! And Hiro, who was supposed to teach me how to do it correctly, lost his patience at the very first hole and kept shouting at me (>.<). Iki was not cooperative too, he didn't want to play with the caddie we hired. So at last after two holes I gave up. Was very angry to both Iki and Hiro.

Since then I've never played or even interested to play golf anymore :p

Whenever a friend ask me to play golf together, my answer would always be, "someday...!"