Friday, September 17, 2010

Earthquake Safety Training

Earthquake happens a lot in Japan. That is why this modern country is doing its best to minimize the damage. From using high construction technology that would reduce the effect of quake for the buildings, to give regular training to the people so that they could survive the quake.

The safety training here is a serious regular thing to do. They might have it at almost all its skyscrapers. Most importantly also at schools, including kindergarten.

So last week I got letter from Iki's school that there will be a 'quake' at school at 14.29 for students' training.

Iki went home with this outfit. Still thinking that he was in a danger. All kids wore this kind of protection over their heads too. I could hear some younger kids panicked and cried.

It was a good training for Iki and ME. I can't believe my son taught me how to survive from earthquake because I've never had such training in my country (and it has a LOT oh earthquakes too!!)

This is Iki and the protector pillow :)

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