Tuesday, January 04, 2005

10 things to achieve in 2005

Welcome 2005....bye bye great 2004...

I had a great time gathering with some of my friends from university at new year's eve. We went to Ardi's house, having surprisingly SUCKS dinner, webcam chatting with Ella and Yun in Germany, watching the "scary" Deep Blue Sea, having "small" fireworks, playing cards and laughing our hearts out; and drinking 'till I got drunk enough to sleep. Really really was a fun...(though I terribly missed someone at that night). I forgot when was the last time I laughed that way. I missed the old crazy days hahaha!!

And now........here I am with my 10 new targets of the year (^_^):

1. First of all: doing great in both my jobs
2. Better time management
3. Nabung...nabung...nabung: at least 1/4 of my monthly salary
4. Attending my sister's graduation in March
5. Trip to South Korea or Thailand or Myanmar.....or....ALL?! hehehe
6. Disiplin les Jepang (yang udah terbengkalai abis)
7. Nemu cowok yang sayaaaaaang ama aku aja ;-)
8. Anger Management: biar gak mati darah tinggi
9. Go to Japan!
10. ML ama si seksi ken hirai wehehehehehehehe


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