Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Iki had his first Valentine's celebration at school yesterday. He had to make cards for all the students at school. I helped him cutting the heart shapes colorful papers, he sticked some together and drew something on them. When he got home, he happily showed me his red box full of valentine's cards from the other children with some sweets too!

So when we got home, he wanted me to draw one big heart on a piece of paper. He said that he wanted to make something for papa. So I helped him cutting small paper hearts, and he did the rest of the job. He said that he didn't want to draw faces on that card, but wanted to write names, so I helped him writing what he wanted. 

Look at this. Isn't it beautiful? Papa-chan was really touched that he almost cried last night when Iki handed the paper to him.......

Meanwhile I baked this marsmallow chocolate cookie for everyone.

And this morning, Iki wanted me to cut a big heart shape paper. Then he was busy in his room and I was not allowed to enter it. He ended up bringing this with a very wide smile. "Happy Valentine, Mommy", he said. Oh God....I cried while hugging him. This is my very first card from my little boy too!!!! And he added, "I wrote 'I love Mommy, yo!" while pointing the bottom of the card. Isn't it very sweet???

This is the best Valentine's day, and I hope yours is as beautiful as mine too. Happy Valentine's day!


The Diva said...

That is SOOO cuteeeeeeeeee. How come a 3-year old understands the concept of Valentine??

Btw Papa-chan lucuuuu, he almost cried???? I can't imagine...

(I have presentS for you Ikiiii, you'll love your Tante Sheila!!!!)

The Diva said...

P.S. Martin wants some of those home-made cookies.

OH AND Martin WANTS to have the sambal from hell.
you PROMISED him, so now he's asking for that promise. You have precisely 2 weeks to prepare the sambal before 5th of March, hihihihihihihi.

Carla said...

iki sounds like the sweetest boy i've ever known!