Monday, July 26, 2004

jeeper creeper weekend

Busy Saturday
Always love the chance to chat with hiro. Had nice talk about friends, giving birth, and baby names...hihihi. I love Rachel from drama series "friends". I think I am too much like her -the messy part, and of course the beauty part-
Yosakoi dance time always make me happy. The only time when I can have my exercise hehe. Getting fatter lately -haaaaaaaaaaaaa-
Always - Late - Couple
Saturday night was spent with friends. Although almost messed up because of this newly-wed-late couple, DeeJay and Ardi. We had to spent hours waiting for their coming at PTC!!!! GggrrrrR
Girls and Talking
Trust me, if boys can spend hours playing PS2; girls can spend the whole night talking. It's what we did -me, vei and DJ-. All gossip from A to Z popped up hihihi, kept our eyes open till 4 in the morning.
*Imoet is gossip lover*
Watch Jeeper Creeper while having breakfast. With blood and body parts taken away!!! YAIKSSS
I screamed like crazy. Afraid to watch, but can't stop my curiousity of the ending. I can't forget how the monster killed the people, and how the dead people appear with their missing body parts.  iyuuuuh
Can't forget the movie the whole day!! Lucky me to have tiring yosakoi practice....
Erotic Dream
Horror movie will lead you to erotic dream? hihihi worth trying man. I got this really hot dream -YEY (yelling in Phoebe's way); motivated me to work today!!!!

-imoet lagi senyum senyum mesum inget mimpi tadi malam-

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