Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our new life

We are all adapting to our new life here. Our house is located on a hilly area of INCO's housing complex. Sorowako is a mining city (nickel), so it's pretty polluted. It is very dusty in the afternoon, that's why i prefer bringing iki out for a walk early morning. The only public transportation here is OJEK. Iki had his OJEK debut this afternoon and he was so scared. He also added that the guy wore dirty jacket hahaha! Oh, my boy is having some hard time adapting here. He misses his friends in japan everyday and wants to play with them. Poor boy. He also is suffering because he couldn't find thomas toys or good clean cars at the local toy shop. And oh, he hates it when I bring him to the market. It's really the traditional one = dirty+smelly+full of flies+BECEK. He always gives me disgusted face and asks me to bring him out of that place. I hope he will manage :p. Our house is nice and half furnished. We're just waiting for some small but important details from the maintenance department. We've been using wrapping papers as curtain and sleep without bedsheets and pillow haha! I'm still using GPRS for updating my blog and start to get tired typing on this small keypad haha. Today we walked to the TELKOMSEL, but the flash connection there is too expensive. I don't know any other provider and has no one to ask to yet. I have some blog friends here but couldn't email them because i can't access my gmail's address book and can't visit their blogs to leave comment too :(. Yeah well, hopefully next week i could find one :p. The good thing is, I got a maid today and she will start working tomorrow. YAY !!

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benova said...

Hehehe Iki biar latihan deh biar ntar bisa tinggal dimana saja.
Kan gak harus THomas car ajah....^_^hehehe.
Pake telkomsel..buat internet mahal Mut itungannya per jam.
Atau Speedy dari telkomsel juga, cuman kayaknya mesti beli modemnya juga.
Atau yg udah aku bilang di comment sebelumnya. Ceceku dirumah pake itu ambil yg 150rb yg jatah GB ga gede2.Tp aku jg gak ngerti bgt ttg ini hehehe mesti tny ceceku.
AKu jg heran di Jepang ini malah murah, ada temen baru pasang, pas promosi dari KDDI cmn bayar 1980 yen per bulannya.Lah aku bayar 4000 yen.Dasar....!!