Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Searching for a playgroup

We were busy in Japan. Swimming, playing with friends, and visiting places. That's why Iki is very lonely here. Everyday he mentions his friends one by one and says that he wants to play with them.
Therefore we think that it's time now for Iki to go to a playgroup.
We visited Salonsa Playgroup, recommended as the best in town by a friend. Iki fell in love with the place. It is spacey with lots of toys. Look at his face. He was very happy to play around that he didn't want to go home.
Too bad. It is full.... :(
They couldn't accept Iki until PERHAPS January. What a pity. I couldn't wait for two months and let Iki gets depressed at home.
I must find another playgroup....

1 comment:

benova said...

Waduh iyo rek, Iki bakal sepi. Emang perlu masuk playgroup ya.
Ganbatte..cari playgroup yg biasa2 dulu ae ada gak? hehehe.

Kiyo pulang ini pengine tak masuke playgroup tp ga tiap hari rek. Cuman sayange pas pulang nanti kok ya pas libur sekolahe.hahahaha.