Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Morning Raft

This morning we joined Fantasy Playgroup (another playgroup here) monthly outing. My new friend, Mirna talked to the headmistress and she invited us to join the raft around the lake as a consideration to join the playgroup.
The people are nice and friendly there. And so were the headmistress and two of three teachers there. But the-will-be Iki's class teacher was not friendly AT ALL. She didn't look at me when Mirna introduced me, and talked to me in harsh intonation. She told me at once that her class is full (meanwhile the headmistress told me later on that it is not!). I watched over her the whole session and could say that she has the image of 'killer teacher', which I don't feel comfortable to be my son's PLAYGROUP teacher.
Anyway Iki enjoyed his first experience though he was still too shy to join the others. He happily swam on the lake too.
This Friday the headmistress invited us again to take a look inside the playgroup before deciding to join. She said that her playgroup is very small so she wanted me to really think before putting my son there. I actually don't really care as long as Iki likes it and could get along well. Let us just see this Friday. I'm crossing my fingers.


Carla Chanliau said...

bet my good reputation she's a spinster. or married but hubby takes on polygamy and she got her turn once in 10 years. she got no children and neither cats or dogs like her.

The Diva said...

Now WAIT a second, Carla, that's where you'll lose your reputation coz you're wrong.

She IS spinster, and she has no children but she has a lot of cats. Old spinsters always have cats.
She thinks children are catastrophe and they must be vanished, so she'll do it slowly but surely by torturing little kids psychologically so that they turn out to be weird and unhappy kids.

Plus she doesnt get her turn once in 10 years. She simply DOES and TAKES her turn ALONE everytime she feels like it, in front of her cats, of course.

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... I guess you and I are not making Imoet happy now, La.

Carla Chanliau said...

she's so not going to register iki there now. lol .

Benny Suryanto said...

Waduh...apa hanya guru itu aja sih yg ngajar. Kalow gitu minta kepala sekolahnya minta guru lain ada gak??hihihi.

Untuk comments yg lainnya itu no comment dah hahahahaha.