Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween for kids

Was celebrated yesterday because 31st of October is Saturday = no school. And mostly because there will be adult's big party tonight hahaha

Iki went to school in Teru Teru Bozu costume, little Japanese traditional handmade doll which is hang to wish for good weather. I fell in love with this little doll when my niece and nephew in Japan made and hung some by the window to pray for good weather for a trip to Fuji mountain the next day. Our family's halloween theme this year is Teru Teru Bozu. Because I am SCARED of ghost so I don't want to decorate or dress up in scary stuffs :p

All the kids wore costumes yesterday morning. They were all very cute or 'scary'.

And they had Halloween lunch together. I brought this salad and spent the whole morning carving the pumpkin and carrot hahaha

Late in the afternoon they went trick or treat. I walked with Iki meanwhile my maid stayed at home giving out treats. Some Indonesian kids also joined, they were all dressed up too.

And most of the kids cried at Bobby's house, the last house, because they got really scared.

At first Iki was not scared at all. He tried to scare the people there with his teru teru bozu costume. But then he realized that they were really scary so he backed off, and started to cry hahaha

This is what was left when I got back home. Teru Teru Bozu lollipop :p. My maid got her treat too then haha

Iki got a looooot of treats. Now his small refrigerator is so full I believe I won't need to buy him any treats for 6 months haha!

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rumah pohonku... said...

hahahhaha...anak2 pada ngis beneran karna ketakutan gitu? wah...apa yg nyeremin mereka? trus teru teru bozu family ada review tersendirinya kan?