Thursday, August 18, 2005


A friend, a colleague, a team, and surprisingly a loved one also.

The few hours working this morning, was our last moment of working together. He's leaving to Holland already, and when he's back here, he will find nothing but my empty desk.

I hate to admit this. But I do feel lonely.

He is one unique person. Not a gentleman as what he admitted. But to him I can be truly myself. I love every single jokes we shared, including the implicitly vulgar ones. I love the way he expresses himself. Though if I mention his characters I hate, this would be a very long blog, he is my dear friend. And I love him the way he is.

Sometimes I hate his working style and late response towards important stuffs. Just like now, when he's soooo irritating. Become invisible when people need him. I got lots of phone calls from the students. They couldn't find arief at the meeting point, and his mobile can't be reached!! wahahaha this is sooooo arief, the invisible man.

But I know. As this lonely waves hit me right on my chest, that I do miss him.

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