Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer holiday

Summer holiday is coming.
We spent this few days discussing the best way to spend it.
We want to go out of town for sure. Some places came into consideration:

Jeju Island, located at southern part of Korean peninsula. Well, some of you must have heard it from the famous "Winter Sonata". It is about 1 hour by air from here and I heard it's one of korea's must be visited tourist attraction. But the famous food there is sashimi!! Well, for me might be OK, but for the perfectionist Hiro, nothing can be more delicious than Japanese sashimi hahaha. As we gathered information about the island, then we found out that it would be very very crowded there during summer holiday. Beach, our main destination, will be full of people. It won't be a relaxing place anymore, right? :(

Resort at Hainan, China. Never heard about this though, what I know about Hainan is only "Hainan chicken rice" (slurrrp). Recommended by Hiro's friend. Kind of tempting, BUTTT...I need VISA. And there's no way to go to Seoul during working days with Iki. So.....we just have to forget it this time :(

Taipei. This idea was objected at once. Again, the visa problem. uuuh uuhhhh

Hokkaido. Hiro's family will spend summer holiday there. And as Hiro's mother dream is going on a trip for the whole family, we were thinking of realising it.'s high season in Japan, and there's no direct flight to Sapporo from here. Guess what? the air ticket only will cost us about 1700 USD. Bah...!

Then out of sudden Hiro got the idea to go to Wakayama, his friend's house. There's beautiful white sand beach nearby, and we can meet his friend's family and have fun. We just have to fly to Osaka and go there by train.
But apparently his friend won't be in town!! He's going diving at his hometown, a city called Hagi. Didn't ring a bell for me hehehe. It came out that he invited us to join them, and.......then it's decided that we're going to spend our summer holiday there!!
We'll fly to Fukuoka from here, and rent car to Hagi. It will take 3 hours by car, but we can stop and take a rest anytime.

Waiting forward for it \(^_^)/. we come!!

What's ur plan for summer holiday, friends?


Sheila said...

Waaa... liburan yaaaa... enaknyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa summer holiday.

Hmmm jadi pingin holiday jugaaaaaaa...

Met liburan Mutmut, Iki, dan Hiro. Kapan berangkat??

Yunita said...

Happy Sumer Holiday!
ati-ati kalo berjemur jangan sampe kebablasan... tar kayak silite panci ..hehehe

imoet said...

heheh...jek bulan depan kok rek :p
lagi excited ae ama rencananya, jadi posting :D