Monday, July 24, 2006


Monday is the busiest day of the week.
Somehow I feel that I need more than 24 hours, only for this day :p
Every monday I prepare Iki's food for one week. For one week, so that I cook them all and put them in small containers and ice trays to be frozen. So everyday I only need few minutes preparing. Just TINGGG, and ready :p. (except for some food like egg yolk and tofu -fresh one is better, means no freezer). But because he eats different menu everyday, I have to prepare quite a lot for him.

So everyweek I have to cook okayu (porridge), dashi jiru and vegetable soup for basic meal. All other food will be mixed with these basics. Other vegetables are boiled one by one and then mashed. I just realise that this week is the last week I will cook this type of food. Next week, Iki will be 7 months, his menu will be different again!

This cooking thing takes more than 3 hours every monday. With Iki's higher demands of my presence lately, and a must to clean the whole house (well, he starts exploring things on the floor - so it be clean all the time!); I feel time just flies away. Suddenly it's almost 6 pm, haven't finished all the housework yet must start cooking dinner for Hiro's coming any minute. *sigh*


Sheila said...

And then it's 10 pm at night... time to take a shower -- last person to enter the bathroom and to clean it up as well, am I right? Hahahaha...

Sounds like a real work to me... 24 hrs a day. I won't be able to manage such thing. You're simply wonderful. I might end up dropping my baby, forgetting all about him for once, or even letting him run into some mud and dirt I left on the floor or even eating supermie all day long!


Hmmm... Monday cooking huh? Sounds like my regular menu of the week --- Cook on Monday, eat the same food for the next three days, until it's Thursday and it's time to cook again... then another Monday to prepare another meal... hahahaha. I might consider getting a MOM like you, you know... ^_^

Kurojinba said...

I feel like watching me of the time just 15years ago, when my son was a baby.
Yes, it was a hard work to prepare those different "vegitable pastes" for the baby.

When I talked about those Japanese-style baby foods to my spanish cooking class' professor, she told me that because of these delicate individual baby foods, Japanese come to have a delicate palete.

According to her, in Spain, babies eat every thing at once, it means, in that country, baby foods contain many veggies, but those are mixed in one bottle, so babies taste only one flat taste at all. And so, Spanish people do not enjoy the taste of "sour", "bitter", "hot", she said.

It was very interesting and curious to me.
How about your country?

imoet said...

it was what i thought so before i was a mom. but once you become one, naturally u'll change. women have the ability to adapt to such a contrast situation in their hormones hahaha

So, you're in Spain when your son was a baby!! I bet no one knows better than you how the struggle of raising a baby in foreign country is.
Indonesian's main meal is rice. So the baby food has rice as the basic meal. Usually it's mixed with milk, or veggies. Of course, not separated as japanese baby food is. and definitely NOT decorated hahaha. I wanted to black out seeing Tamahiyo Club's Japanese baby's recipe book. Maybe ONLY japanese mothers decorate their baby's meal? :p (hiks, and I must as well).
The main fruit is banana. Because banana is the most common fruit in Indonesia, and can be found the whole year. So common Indonesian baby food are: porridge milk, mixed vegetables porridge, green bean porridge (not greenpeas), and banana puree.