Sunday, July 02, 2006

Meteor Garden

When I was washing dishes in the kitchen, suddenly I heard a song from TV. Sounded so familiar that I stopped my work and ran to watch TV right away.

Meteor garden!!!!
It's played by Mplex (korean TV station) now. With Korean subtitle of course, but watching this drama again, brought me back lots of memories in Surabaya.

In 2002 this taiwanese drama was a hit in Indonesia. Like many other people, I also watched this together with my friends. We were so in love with it that we bought the whole VCD series at Pasar Atum, watched it together. Forgot to eat, forgot to sleep. We stayed awake some whole nights in front of TV. Laughing together, crying together, excited together.

Popular drama brought the OST on top hit as well. Of course I also bought the CD, and can sing all the songs well. Not satisfied enough, everytime we went karaoke we brought the VCD and sang the songs hahahaha.

Seriously now I think that I was a stupid young girl.
But because of watching again this Meteor Garden....
I remember Pei's yellow fence boarding house where we watched this drama together.
I remember those laughes and cries we shared.
I remember starting to learn Chinese because of watching this drama.
I remember hunting the CDs at pasar atum together.
I remember my mobile phone ringtone right away.
I remember my karaoke buddies in Surabaya.

I remember my memories.
I remember my friends......

Pei, Nyo, Ayik....If you happened to read this post:
I miss you guys. So much.
Meteor garden is only ONE of our memories I treasure :)
*Imoet is singing meteor garden OST now*


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Mut... kalo disini malah Bolywood fever... nggilani pekk mosok "kuch kuch hota hai" udah seribu kali diputer tahun ini tok!!

imoet said...

sopo iki?
yun tah?! (aku sampe kudu ngecek lewat IP address hahaha)

waduh...nek sekali puter tok gak popo. nek seribu kali........suwe2 isa ngomong bahasa india lak an saking sering'e krungu :))

Anonymous said...

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