Friday, October 20, 2006

Supposed-to-be Midnight surprise

Tomorrow is Hiro's birthday.
I'd been thinking for weeks what kind of surprise I could give him.
Then I came up with a plan to bake a small heart shape cake and a simple greeting card to be given to him on the birthday eve. Hiro only knows that I will bake him a cake (he chose the cake from the recipe book) for birthday present tomorrow afternoon so that he could help watching Iki for me.
I planned to manage baking the surprise cake this afternoon during Iki's sleeping time and hide it until midnight.
So then I browsed here and there for the cake, until then Yunita gave me the Banana chocolate cake recipe. We still have some bananas here so it would be a perfect choice :p. I already imagined his smile on his birthday eve getting that surprise cake.

But then....
Yesterday I GOT the surprise for him!!
"Shierly, tomorrow I'll drink with my colleague"
I was like: WHAT?!?!?!?!
OK....So he'll not be home on his birthday eve!!! Huaaaaaaaa
I felt like my knees lost power. Bye bye midnight surprise plan (T_T)

Yet the plan must go on. I don't want to waste my "weeks thinking time" hehehe
So I baked the cake, put it on his desk with a greeting card. Plus a note written that he MUST eat the cake tonight, even only a bite while saying a birthday wish.
I'll sms him at 00:00 wishing him birthday and asking him to take a look at his desk before sleeping.

Happy birthday, dear Hiro.
Hope you like my supposed-to-be midnight surprise :p


imoet said...

he came back home just 3 minutes before midnight =))
so the plans worked :p, it's just i've posted this story 5 minutes before he arrived home hahahahaha

Yunita said...

Happy B-Day Hiro... you are the luckiest man ever because you have such a wonderful wife and adorable kid, what could be better than that???

Sheila said...

Happy birthday Hiroooo...
Kapan ke Jerman? Give yourself a birthday gift and travel around Europe... take your cute little wife and kid with you, hehehe.

All the best wishes ^__^