Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Electric Fryer

We both like to eat fried food, but unfortunately there're always "little" accidents happened whenever I cook fried meal. One fatal example was when I broke the oil temperature meter. Since then our fried meal were so messy. Therefore to minimize unexpected errors, we bought this electric fryer.

Today for the first trial, we tried to make koloke. I can say...W.O.W.
The result was far beyond expectation. The oil temperature was so stable, no oil dirt anywhere in my kitchen, time saving, the koloke were not oily at all and were oh-sooo-crispy!!

Lots of fried food are on my menu list now hehehe. I give two thumbs to this fryer. Really recommended for a busy housewife who wants to serve delicious, not oily, and crispy fried food in just a few minutes.


yunita said...

Iya mut enak tuh... tapi kalo aku cuman tak pake bikin french fries tok... kalo gorengan lainnya tetep pake wajan, mboh opoo, menurutku kalo digoreng ama wajan rasane kok lebih enak :D (dasar wong ndeso.. hehehe)

yunita said...

Ehhh.. satu lagi...
Penggorengan yang elektrik ini aku paling benci waktu ganti lemaknya... males nyucinya, ribet polll :P
Tar kalo ada tips nyuci yang praktis pasang ya Muttt!!