Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tahu Tek Tek

Because of reading about "telur petis" (omellete with shrimp paste chilli sauce) posted by yun, I missed Tahu tek tek (beancurd with shrimp paste chilli sauce).
Tahu tek tek is one of hawker food from Surabaya. One of the cheapest food with thick incredible taste I've ever known. One of my fave food that reminds me of Surabaya.

Remembering that I still have shrimp paste brought by Pei last time she came here, I browsed here and there for the recipe. I had to use peanut butter instead of roasted peanut, silk tofu instead of fried indonesian "hard" tofu, and Indonesian shrimp crackers (kerupuk getoo) instead of garlic crackers. But the taste was sooooooooooo incredible (hehehe at least for me), that it could kick me out of reality. That I was in Surabaya, ordering a plate of Tahu Tek Tek at a hawker beside my former office CDU. What a food orgasm :p

Tahu tek tek ala imoet

Indonesian traditional way of making chilli sauce

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yunita said...

gayaaaa... dipamer tahu tek e :P
enak tahhhh??? heh mut... ndek situ ada cambah pendek gak??