Saturday, October 28, 2006

Poor time management

These days I feel so tired.
As Iki grows up, he begins to have such a big curiosity towards many things. And as he has this high demands on my presence beside him (read: almost all of his wake up moments), I lost my time management. Once I stand up quietly (even only for taking a drink), he will yell "MA!!!!!", and that means I have to go back playing with him in a second.

Sometimes I feel like I got my patience tested. You know, I WAS one of the most unpatient persons. I could blow up for a small matter that doesn't fit my expectation. But now.....I can't blow up just like that. I must struggle controlling my emotion, and put a smile on my face instead.
When Iki doesn't want to eat, when he throws away food on my face, when he can't stop crying for no reason, when he doesn't want to let me go even for having lunch, when he doesn't want to sleep, etc etc, and the list will go on and on...

Besides taking care of my small boy, I have to take care of our house. I also want to have some time and "needs" for myself that I can't fullfil. I don't want to list them here, but in short, I feel so tired. Physically and mentally.

I want to be able to manage my time. I want to be able to manage my self. I want to be able to control my emotion.

These three days Hiro's helping me out with the dirty dishes, I'm happy yet guilty for having him in my kitchen after working for a whole day. If it's one of the solutions, then may I know other possibilities?

Hello mothers all over the world. How would you manage your time.....?


Chrisrocks said...

Two sides of the world and still the same problems. I remember when my guy was young he is now 16 and still taking up all my time. I give it gladly. But when they are small, just the monotonous daily grind can be so wearing on you and have you questioning just what the hell did you sign up for? When you make dinner, double the recipe and freeze one dinner so next time all you have to do is thaw and warm it up. (Good time saver) My best advice is to make sure you take time for you. You will be a better mom, wife, and person. Ask a friend or your husband to take care of him for two hours and go have a coffee and pour over a magazine, or go to the park and take some great nature photos. You see where I am going with this. I have to spend half my day making snacks and hot cacao for the football team and then sit on cold, hard bleachers while watching my son play football. A pain in the neck? Yes fun? Of course. I love my little guy. Even though he's 6 feet tall. Well, Rock on I like your site.

Yunita said...

Well, talk with Hubby.. ask about one day "free" in a week or even in a month.
Free means... you use the day only for you! No cleaning work or cooking or feeding kid :P
Or you can just stay at home (usualy doesnt work)... much better go out for some alone beauty shopping or hangout with friends ;)
Afterward, you should feel much better, back to Mom's job in fresh mood :D

nina said...

hi imut.... thanx for ur comment :) i miss u too. kayanya kamu musti baca 'how she does it?' by allison pearson (kalo gak salah pengarangnya sih itu). aku setuju sama komentator yang lain whereas mom also needs days off. emang orang kerja aja ya kan.

sinta said...

Mut... kayaknya kamu butuh pembantu deh :D aku bisa ngerasain kok apa yg kamu rasain (pas pembantu n suster pulang lebaran :D). Tp aku yakin kok mut... secapek2nya kamu, semangkel2'e kamu... tp pas kamu liat iki bobo pulas.. dengan wajah yg nyaman, imut, polos, denger nafas'e pas bo2, pasti semua capek n mangkel ilang, pasti kamu merasa bersalah, kok tadi isa jengkel, gemes kayak gt... ngerasain itu gak??

imoet said...

Hi Chrisrock and Yunita,
Thanks for visiting my blog :)
I've talked with my husband. This weekend I could start having few hours free time (he said preferable when our boy's asleep hehehe).
My husband is a Japanese, so he doesn't want to eat the same food for two days in a row :p. But we agreed that I choose easy cooking menu for dinner, and eating out once a week.

Nina my dear,
I'll look for that book ;-). Thanks :p

Maid? hehehe it's so damn expensive here. we hired a maid for 2 weeks when I just delivered my baby, and it cost us 800 USD!
Indeed you're true. No matter how angry and how tired I was during the day, all those feeling are gone as I see my boy asleep and hear his regular breath ;-)