Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A day out

Next week I will go to Japan. This time Hiro won't go with us, so there will only be Iki and me. To train myself going on a trip hugging Iki by a cuddler while bringing a big heavy bag, we went to Seoul last Saturday.
Whoops...it was not easy :p. Somewhat Iki and the bag were getting heavier. As we arrived Seoul, I gave up and put Iki on his baby car, and handed Hiro the big bag (@_@). God will help me next week :p

Iki likes to see aquarium. Whenever I took him to his doctor, he doesn't want to go back home quickly because of the small aquarium in the waiting room. Therefore in Seoul we went to an aquarium, seaworld in 63 building.
As predicted Iki was very very very happy. He got really excited and screamed a lot to express his happiness :p

In front of penguins

Then we went to Gyeong Bok Gung, one historical palace in Seoul. We just walked along the park surrounding the palace because Iki was sleeping (the palace's floor was too rocky for the baby car). The leaves are turning red and yellow. For a girl from a tropical country, well, this is a very beautiful view!

Then we ate samgaetang, and rushed to Yongsan st. where I could change Iki's diaper and feed him.
Bringing Iki on a trip, the 6 hours trip planned turned into 10 hours :p. Exhausting yet exciting.
That trip was such a refreshing for me, eventhough I had Iki with us. Going away from a routine was what I needed.


yunita said...

I'll miss u so much Mut... hope u could ol from Japan ;)
How long u'll be there? Three weeks?
Have fun, be good daughter in law...heheheh :P
*Hugs and Kisses* for Iki too

Sheila said...

Mutmut... cantiiikkk ^__^
Senang liat fotomu akhireeee (biasane cuma ketok separoh kepala atau ketutupan Iki, hihihi)

Liat fotomu dua biji ini sampe tak zoom gede takpenthelengi :-P

Kangen soro Mut.
Di Jepang brapa lama? Tgl berapa brangkat? Let me know ya...
Duh bakalan kangen... ngga ada internet dirumah mertua ya? Yang rajin ya... ngosek jeding, bersih2 rumah, moga2 Iki baik2 aja... all the best for him, cup cup muahhh.

imoet said...

aduh yun...
terharu aku :p
cuma 4 hari kokkkkkk. tanggal 11 nov berangkat, tgl 14 dah balik sini lagi. nanti desember baru lama :p

ella, my love...
baca komenmu kepalaku bengkak 30 kali lipat rasane :p
jarene hiro: "what?!"
*sirik dee aku tok sing dipuji*