Sunday, November 05, 2006

Custom made shoes

I have small feet that it's very difficult for me to find shoes at the right size. When I was in Indonesia, though not easy, the possibility to find one was not as difficult as trying to find one in Japan. Especially women's shoes. Last year I had to buy shoes at the children corner -with children's style (@_@).

I was in a need of new pair of shoes. As guessed, it was difficult to find simple shoes of my size. We almost gave up that I was thinking to buy any low first heels shoes with my size we could find, until I found this pair of shoes. Simple yet elegant. Suitable for various occasions. But again....the smallest size was too big for me.

Surprisingly the shopkeeper said that I could order my size's shoes, and would be ready in a week. At first we just thought that the smaller size stocks will come in a week, but he asked me to open my shoes and measured my feet. OH!!! I was surprised and happy. Shoes of my size!!!

One English speaking customer then explained to us, that in all Korean's Department Stores we can find these order made shoes shops' counters. Really good for people whose feet are too small or too big, right *wink*

That pair of simple order made shoes costs us 138,600 won after 30% discounts (about 140 USD). Hmmmm I hope the quality won't be dissapointing :p


mee said...

enak ya lly bisa pesen langsung gitu
mau juga dong!

eh, kamu di jepang juga susah nyari sepatu tah? aku kok ga ya...aku bisa pake sepatu yg ukuran 22,5cm
apa kakimu kurang lebih ga sama ma kakiku?

imoet said...

ukuran kakiku less than 22 cm mee,...
dijepang ukuran anak2 :-l
di indonesia juga gak gampang2 amat loh..;kapan hari waktu masih kerja di cdu aku ya pesen terpaksa buat sepatu kerja.

April Phillips said...


can you please tell me which department store in korea makes shoes to order?

thanks so much!!!

imoet said...

Hi (^_^)
I ordered those shoes in shinsegae department store