Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Indonesian traditional medication

Hiro DID NOT believe Indonesian traditional medication. He always said that I did stupid things scratching my back using coins, that I used stupid dirty black paste on my body and drank disgusting drinks after I gave birth, that I used smelly oil (telon oil or kayuputih oil) as warming oil or massage oil, and that I took smelly tablets whenever I caught a cold.

But In fact, he must admit that all of those medications works best in this house.

I used Indonesian traditional medication to cure myself after giving birth.

The result?!
I got 7 kgs weight reduced a week after delivering a baby, and within 3 months I got my normal body weight back. Without any food diet since I was breastfeeding at that time. I also got no stretchmarks at all. OK, for body shaping I wore wacoal's garter he bought in Japan, but I believed the Indonesian traditional medicine helped a lot.

Indonesian warming oil works best for me. Hiro never used it, fine. But this so called smelly oil also works for Iki. If he got constipated and stomachache, I just applied some oil on his stomach and voila!! he can finish his stool business ;-).

And now? still Hiro doesn't believe Indonesian traditional medication?!

Once he got all his body painful, I insisted scratching his back with coin. He felt much much better right after that.

These two weeks Hiro got flu. And yesterday he got fever and felt very bad. I made him drink ANTANGIN I my mother just sent me. Of course he did complain when he took the medicine. That it was so smelly, that the more he drank the more he can feel the smell, that the medicine left yucky taste in his throat bla bla bla... BUT....He got his flu fully recovered!

Still don't believe Indonesian traditional medication? (^_-)


meknowlittle said...

aku bnr2 interested di jamu2an nyonya meneer itu, shier. ksh aku komplit details jamu apa aja. kok bs turun segitu byk tanpa diet dlm 3bln. badanku melar lg krn enjoy Bali bgt.


imoet said...

jamu dan parem (obat oles) itu BUAT HABIS MELAHIRKAN.
Nek gak melahirkan disek ya gak iso dul :p

meknowlittle said...