Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our summer holiday

Just finished. Now back in Incheon again.
It was an exciting yet exhausting holiday. Long trip with a baby was not an easy journey after all hahaha

We went to Fukuoka first by plane from Incheon. From that city then we went to Hagi by renting a car. There's a baby seat available there, but was not a comfortable one. Poor Iki must sit there for 2.5 hours journey. It's so understandable that he was squeaking almost the whole trip.

Hagi, an old city located almost at the corner of Japan's main island (in Yamaguchi perfecture), is an old city with castles and histories. This small city is facing Japan sea with greenish hills at the surrounding. Really was a refreshment for my eyes after having tall apartments view in Korea for months.

Hagi from the hill

We visited a Hagi Yaki shop, feeding fishes near Mt. Kasayama, Interesting Yukawa Family Resident, a splendid stalagtit-stalagmit cave Akiyoshi-do, Tsunoshima island with its beautiful scenery, and joining the thousand lantern festival of Mukaebi Okuribi in Tokoji Temple.

Overall, I enjoyed our holiday. We had a great fun with Miyamoto's family. I learnt many new things as well. We shared great food, bottles of beers, and tons of laugh. It was just so nice to be welcomed in that family.

Another good thing, I got this HERMES watch as a present during this holiday. For sure it did complete my holiday hehehehehehehehe

Thanks for the wonderful holiday.
I enjoyed it TOO much that I gained 3 kgs (>_<)!!!!!


yunita said...

Muttt... pulang dr Jepang berarti rambut baru donk???
Ayo pasang foto rambut barumu! :D

imoet said...

hihihi kan libruan yun. kagak sempat atuh...
bulan depan pulang baru potong rambut :D