Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hagi Yaki

Hagi is very famous for its pottery, known as Hagi Yaki. There're several famous artist (maker) known widely throughout Japan, and we were so lucky to meet one of them, Hamanaka Gesson, and had a visit to his splendid house and shop. A teacup made by his hands costs about 150 USD (and we got 2 for free!! Thanks to Miyamoto's mother-she works there). The pottery from this city is different from those of other parts of japan. More about Hagi Yaki can be read here. We brought back some pieces of this Hagi yaki. Two long fish plates, 2 small unique plate, 6 small round plates, and 2 tea cup made by Hamanaka Gesson. All for free hehehee. Thanks for Miyamoto family.

hagi yaki we got

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