Thursday, August 24, 2006

Culture or habit?!

I don't know if this story is about culture or simply someone's habit.
There's a park nearby our apartment. Usually every late afternoon I bring Iki for a walk there. We can see many children playing, old people sitting on the bench, or couples having romantic chit chat. Around 4.30 pm, the big fountain is usually started. Then many children will play under it. Seems that in this hot summer weather, that fountain becomes one of the children in the neighborhood's favourite.

2 days ago I brought Iki to the park again. As usual, when the fountain was started, lots of children start to run under it. At that time there was an old woman as well. That granny was playing happily with the children. Quite a nice view actually.
But then, perhaps tired, she left the fountain to the bench beside me. Opened her wet clothes JUST LIKE THAT, and changed it into the clean one. I gasped. She really was naked in front of me. Though the view was not good for my eyes, I can't help not to watch :p

The other day, I sat together with some mothers at the same bench. I was just watching Iki talking in baby language with some other babies (we, mothers, just kept silent while our babies were chatting while holding hands hahaha). Suddenly 1 baby cried because of hungry. The mother soothed her and asked her to wait a second. I thought that mother would take a bottled milk for the baby, BUT she just sat down on the bench, pull out her left fully breast and fed the baby instead. I also gasped. This time the view was pretty good for my eyes so I can't help not to watch :p

Is it culture? or simply someone's habit?
I remember in Indonesia I also saw similar views several times, though I think I don't see much of them in higher level society.
That park, where I saw such views, is located at the highest society level in this city. Therefore I was wondering if it's about culture or habit....


Ira said...

:) It is a usual view to see a mother breast-feed her baby here... :) Sometimes, when the mother is uncomfy round others, she would cover the breast as well as the baby with a blanket, otherwise... just... a view to watch... :P

But I hardly see people changing in any park here... :) stark naked, as well... :) Hehehehe... :)

Yunita said...

my opinion breastfeeding baby in front of other women with kid is ok... but NOT when some MEN are there (prevent they got horny :P)
but changing clothes in public..hhmm.. that a bit too vulgar :D

lily said...

aloo shir... soal breasfeed... I do it anywhere and anytime whenever Coby's hungry... here, we also have a breasfeeding association, kinda of mother's group who give a lot of support about breastfeeding..I dont think it'w wrong breastfeed in the public., it's a natural thing, and we need to nature our baby. Mostly If I have to feed Coby in the public place, I tried to cover my boobie and not open them fully for the public hahahahaahah... all I concern is Coby's :)

imoet said...

wah..thanks for the comments, guys. Jadi my conclusion, breastfeeding di tempat umum is OK (kecuali di Jepang kali yaaaa :p). Tapi naked ditempat umum patut dipertanyakan :D :D