Tuesday, August 29, 2006

May you rest in peace....

This evening I got an email from my brother
My uncle, Om Ventje, died this afternoon
Lung cancer took away his life
May you rest in peace, Om Ventje....
All things about you are safely kept in my childhood memories

Hopefully your family would be strong without you

All my prayer is for you tonight

(_ _o)


RinA said...

please accept my condolences. May he rest in peace. How have you been doing anyway?

RinA said...

by the way, just saw a pic of you and Iki. I think your baby boy is really cute :)))

yunita & Sheila dari Heidelberg said...

Turut berduka cita mut... he went to a better place

imoet said...

Thanks, friends :)

Rin, Iki is cute because I am cute :D hihihi