Monday, September 18, 2006

Autumn has come

Not only that the temperature is getting cooler, the leaves are getting red and yellow. Strong heat from the sun is replaced by dark cloudy day, and strong winds start blowing for some typhoons are approaching.

So here autumn is coming. In spite of those temperature's changing, autumn's food and fruit are now can be seen. Here I tried my first peach (which will disssapear from the market soon) and the latest is marron. Actually I've tried this marron or chestnut last year in Japan, but truthfully this time I can really understand that it's one of the sign of autumn.

Yesterday we bought marron at the supermarket, we also found the famous autumn fish sanma (sword fish) . Thus we had Japanese autumn dinner menu with kuri gohan, roasted sanma, kimpira gobo and asari miso soup. TOO BAD I didn't take photo of the whole dinner set (T_T).

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