Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yesterday evening, when I was preparing dinner, i got my finger cut.
I was panic seeing blood flowing out of the wound. I felt all my fingers trembling, felt like vomitting, and started to lose my consiousness.
How to stop this blood??!!
I put my finger under running water but it hurted like hell. Grabbed tissue, towel, whatever I could find, still it did't work.
Hiro!! I thought I must call Hiro and ask him. So I went to the living room to make a phone call. (At that time I realised how far it was the telephone table from my kitchen!!).

me: Hiro...busy?
Hiro: no...what's up?
me: I got my finger cut. How to stop this blood?
Hiro: ee? ee? are you allright?
me: am OK, just how to stop this? i feel like i'm going to blackout
Hiro: ee? blackout?? ashtma??
me: no!! finger cut 3 mm. how to stop blood?
Hiro: ee? finger cut?? emergency car??
me: no!!! just 3 mm...how to stop blood? quick i felt like going to blackout
Hiro: 3 mm finger left?? i'm going home now
me: no need....stop blood only...just got cut...

-the phone line was cut-

Oh man...was it a mistake to call him? now he's panic? didn't he get what i mean?!
But as I looked down on my finger and saw the blood, I felt even worse. I felt like I lost my power. Slowly I crawled to take the safety box trying to find something to stop the blood there. Oh...band aid. This would help. So I put it around the wound and just then the phone rang.
Again I crawled to the phone and answered it.

Hiro: shierly, are you ok?
me: ya ok
Hiro: now I'm on the way. wait for me
me: hmmm
Hiro: shierly??
me: hmm ok
Hiro: shierly!! wait a minute ok?
me: hmmm ok

And then...BLACK....

*As Hiro got home, he found me on the floor. The phone was hanging with one of my hand grabbing it. He turned my body and saw my eyes were only the white part (hiii....). He called my name loudly several times while shaked my body till finally I opened my eyes.*

I remember....
I heard Iki's crying. Oh he's hungry, it's dinner time, so i opened my eyes. I found Hiro hugging me with panic face, and told me that we're going to hopital right now.
I asked him to feed Iki instead. I told him that it's ok. I just cut my finger.

hiro: it's ok...i saw in ER drama, when someone got his finger's cut, the doctor there can repair the finger
me: nooo....not as u imagine. i just got it cut 3 mm (i remember because i set the cutter to 3 mm thickness)
hiro: did you use the big knife?
me: no!! i used cutter. i set 3 mm. that's it, hiro!
hiro: heeee??!?!?! cutter?!?! so it's only 3mm cut??
me: oh, FINALLY you understood! Look at this!! ( i showed him my finger)

hiro: WHAT?!?!?!?!??! This is it?!?!?!
me: speechless
hiro: shierrrllllyyyyy!!!! wahahahahahahahahahahahha



emmy said...

ya ampun elly, kamu gpp tah?
kok bisa keiris 3mm aja jadi pingsan gitu...
kamu emang lemah kalo ngadepin darah ya?
lain kali ati2 ya kalo mo pingsan
cek kompor nyala pa ga, cek juga sekeliling kamu memungkinkan tuk pingsan ga, kalo ga jgn pingsan dulu, ok? :D

imoet said...

iya mee,
Makanya gak bisa jadi dokter hehehehehe

Kurojinba said...

I've read this in Hiro-kun's blog.
Very Exciting!!!! hahahahaha!!
but, please take care of yourself ! ;)

valens said...

untung gak sido jadi dokter kandungan 'ci :p pasienmu lak mbok tinggal pingsan kabeh engko... hauhauhau

imoet said...

Hi Kuronjinba,
So you read two story versions? :p
It was a silly misunderstanding :p

Yep...it was God's will that I couldn't emter medical school. Otherwise....hahaha I'd blackout everytime i saw blood :p

Sheila said...


Astagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kenapa foto jarimu itu ditaroh disiniiii??

Aku liatnya aja udah mau pingsaaaaaaaaannn gimana kalo aku yang ngalamiiinnn.

Huhuhu, kita berdua ngga ditakdirkan jadi dokter, emang. ^_^

Carla said...


imoet said...

kutaruh disitu biar orang2 yang juga lemah darah ikut merasakan kekagetanku hehehehe

*buk buk buk* -- imut ninju carla