Monday, September 25, 2006

One day trip, one day lessons

Last Saturday, for the first time he went to Seoul for a one day trip. Hiro wanted to buy some computer's spare parts, and I wanted to meet one of my Indonesian friend from JS mailing list.
We started just after Iki finished his lunch by subway. It took about one and half hour to reach Yongsan station, the electronic centre in Seoul. Hiro got memory card, hard disk and SD card for himself, and I got a pair of Women's Secret's lingerie. Both of us only needed about 20 minutes to finish our business there. But we had to stay in Yongsan St. for about 3 hours!!! - waited for Iki to wake up, changed his diaper and feed him-. Gosh...

Lesson number 1: Always spare extra (at least 1 hour) time if you're travelling with a baby!

Then we went to meet Pak Noviar at Anguk station. Hiro decided to take subway instead of taxi to avoid traffic jam. But indeed....travelling by subway there also took perhaps even more time. Walking in a crowded bringing a baby during transfer time was killing our feet, breath and time. Some stations have no elevator. Anyway we could manage to meet Pak Noviar and had dinner together (and sadly we had dinner at the wrong samgaetang restaurant (T_T)).

Lesson number 2: I'd prefer taking taxi than subway in Seoul

We separated with Pak Noviar after dinner since I thought it would be better to go back to Incheon early. We decided to take taxi to Seoul station, and Pak Noviar took subway home. Unfortunately we got no taxi! so we had to take subway instead to Seoul station. That night we thought it would be better to take bus to Incheon. We would definitely get a seat (in subway, we sometimes had so stand up). We said goodbye to Pak Noviar at about 7 pm, but leave Seoul at 9 pm. Why?? hahaha of course Mr. Iki needed a change and milk. So we had to look for a department store to find diaper change room and feed Iki there. (well, it's because the toilet in Seoul station was not dirty. It was VERY VERY dirty!)

Indeed we got a seat in the bus. But Iki suddenly became very active and made a lot of noise and movement. The bus driver drove badly too. I was struggling not to vomit there. Then half way to Incheon Iki cried very loudly. The unstoppable one. It was about 11 pm and almost all the passangers were asleep. Argghh...So we had to get out of the bus with some "irritated" eyes following. Finally we took taxi home. Double price than the bus' ticket hahaha.
When we were in a bus, we were wondering. Why there was no parents bringing a baby in a bus? And then we got the answer right away hahahaha.

Lesson number 3: Avoid bus during long journey trip with a baby!!

What an exhausted day (_ _o)

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