Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Out of hospital

At last I got the chance to write something here...

Last Thursday Iki was out of hospital already. Only 2 days after operation??? I was as surprised as you. But seems that home is the best place for Iki to get well. Hospital's circumstances doesn't support baby mentally hahaha.

We stay at Hiro's sister house instead of my parents' in law's. It's closer to the hospital. However, I must sleep with my mother in law. Hiks...godd byw privacy. I can't even get the chance to scratch my back using coin on the bed as well as spending my free time at night chatting. So guys, if you see my online mark but didn't give any reply to ur messages, it's because I couldn't. I'm so sorry.
But anyway Iki is really happy because his cousins here love to play with him. He plays a lot, he eats a lot, he is getting better. He rarely cries. Only during diaper change, tube cleaning and stool cleaning for he feels painful.

Yesterday I brought Iki to the hospital. Doctor said he's good, just a small stitch opening problem. But generally after the tube will be removed this friday (hope no more problem occurs), we can go back to Korea as planned on 24th.

Thank you for the supports, emails and instant messages friends....Sorry I haven't got the chance to drop you any replies.


yunita said...

Poor u darling... so it will stay like that(sleep with MIL) til 24th??!!
Praise the Lord that evthing is OK ... very soon you go home sweet home, cant wait til chat with u again and webcaming that cute brat :D

Carla said...

I'm happy to hear everything is going well for Iki, Shier.

Merry Christmas, babe.