Sunday, December 24, 2006


Read: Aku sudah pulang...!!
(As translated in Doraemon series).

Yes, we're home (^___^)
Last friday Iki's tube was removed already. What a strong boy. I'm so proud of this little monster.

He got a bad cough now, so it was not an easy journey at all to go back to Korea. I brought 3 luggages with me, so I had to tied Iki at the cart like a dog when I had to take my luggages from the luggage belt. Everyone around was looking at me as if I were a terrible mother, but no one had any heart to give me a hand. Blah!

Anyway it was such a big relief to see Hiro waiting outside.
We're home, Iki. We're home....!!

As we went out, Hiro rushed hugging Iki: "Okaeri Ikiiiiiiiii"

And Iki?!
He looked at Hiro as if he's a perfect stranger, and...HUAAAAAAAAAAAAA (>__<). He cried panicly. Poor papa-chan :p

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