Monday, December 04, 2006

Abon cakalang pedas

Last week I got package from my mother. Most of all, I was very very happy to see a big pot of abon cakalang pedas (hot dry-fried skipjack tuna). It's like a TREASURE for me.

So almost everyday last week I add some of my abon in my lunch. Got terrible stomach pain at the first days since my stomach is not getting used to "very spicy" food anymore. But thanks, mama. This food reminds me of home. And this probably is the only favourite food my mother can send me since other food have quite a strong smell (T_T).

Look at the abon pedas onigiri I made for my lunch :p. Eating Indonesian food in Japanese style hahaha. Well, it was good!


mee said...

waaaaaa pengen nyoba onigiri buatanmu ituuuuu

koeaingdibadokkeunsiah! said...

Wach, tertengok lekker itoe poen....

imoet said...

kapan2 aku buatin hehehe

hehee emang uenakk. aduhh...blognya bahasanyaaaa!!! hebat bisa nulis pake ejaan kuno gitu :p (aku bacanya aja sampe mlongo bingung)