Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our first Christmas

I made lots of plans for our first Christmas.
I wanted it to be unforgetable, with georgous food, cakes, wine, and laughter.

But Iki was sick!!!
His flu was getting worse. Harder cough, runny nose, and over 38.5 Celcius degree fever. He felt so bad so he just wanted a hug, or a companion while weakly playing on the floor :(

My heart sank. Both seeing my boy sick, and thinking of my broken-into-pieces plan. But as we put Iki into sleep last night, Hiro said that this is the best first christmas. That we're all together. All the good thing can be postponed. After Iki recovered, we will celebrate Christmas, Iki's birthday and New year altogether.

Indeed he's right. Being together is the best. Perhaps Iki also wanted to celebrate his first christmas this way. Being clingy to his mama and papa, spending the whole day inside his parents' arms.

And I wish all my friends Merry Christmas. Hope you also had an unforgetable moments this christmas. May all the Joy brings you a great New Year (^____^)

Just read Hiro's blog in weird Indonesian about our first Christmas. Terharu deh :p

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Sheila said...

Hehehe, aku udah baca blog Hiro, langsung aku tulis blog juga tentang blog dia :-)

Merry Christmas juga Mutmut... enjoy your first Christmas, I agree it was the best one because of the togetherness.

Makasih buat comments-nya di blog-ku, tuh aku udah ngeblog lagi puanjaaang.
More pics are coming up :-)