Saturday, September 10, 2005


After those horrible messy and busy yet happy last weeks I spent in Surabaya, here I am now in Tokyo. Hiro had flied back to Korea two days ago, but surprisingly there were no more tears running from my eyes when I sent him to Haneda airport. Maybe because as what he said, that this hopefully be our last "bye-bye at the airport"?

Time flies so quickly. I feel like it's just yesterday I spent my days in Surabaya. Going to the office every morning, having meals with friends (esp. Pei and facing the annoying question: hmmm what to eat today?), talking for hours, walking around TP and Supermall till we broke our legs, drinking like there's no tomorrow at Excelso, and most of all planning my wedding party at the previous three months. Not to mention how excited I was waiting forward for the time to meet Hiro again, everyday phone calls, and curiosity over the baby's development.

And now.....?
The party was held successfully already, the honeymoon was over, I had several farewell with my beloved friends, I went to Japan together with Hiro and my parents in laws, Hiro went back to Korea, and I am now in front of computer in Hiro's parents' house alone with my runny nose. Oh yeah.....time runs unbelievably fast!!!

Do I feel alone? Nope.
Do I miss Hiro? stupid question. Of course yes, as usual.
Do I miss my friends and times in Surabaya? Yes, terribly. Vitria, Carla, Valens, Emmy....But I've decided to start my new life here.

So how exactly do I feel now?

I miss Vebby the most......more than I've ever thought, more than I've ever missed anyone else -including Hiro.


PitPit said...

Muuttt... I miss you too.. *hugs hugs*.

btw.. kamu sekarang kan banyak nganggur di tokyo.. ayoo.. ganti layout po'o blog mu.. bosen pek!.. kqkqkqkq

mamaku titip salam.. katanya: jaga diri, harus bisa membawa diri di depan mertua (hehehehe).. JAGA KESEHATAN!!

take care, luv!

petite smurf said...

waduh mut!!!
sekarang sudah sama suami 1, kangen sama suami ke-2

eniwei...met menempuh 'higher level of ur life'...

good luck pren

imoet said...

Salam juga buat mamamu pit. Thanks buat kata2 emasnya :p

Nih lay out blognya udah diganti. How?

To Juz, thanks ya. Kamu mau gak jadi suami ke-3 ku? hihihi

dolphinrider said...

(duduk di pojok...)