Monday, November 03, 2008

I ate my dinner alone tonight. Roll cabbage that I prepared the whole evening, hoping papa-chan and Iki-chan would like it. It's a difficult meal for me, and takes long time to prepare. But suddenly papa-chan called that he's not having dinner at home tonight because a new game just arrived at the camp and he wanted to try it. A very nice surprise.
And Iki-chan refused to eat now because he's waiting for papa. Look at him. He doesn't want to touch his food at all. Great.
Just great.


The Diva said...

Lho, kacian... Papa chan nggak pulang kok malah Iki yang ngambek, bukan mama, hehehe.

Masih ngambek Ki? Bilang Papa-chan lain kali dinner pulang dong Pah... hihihihi...

benova said...

Iki sayang papa chan or mama chan?

Iki: "Papa chan"

Huheuehuehe ...peace.

Eh jadi pesan itu sprei kartunnya di ibu itu?
Sudah nyampe kah?