Saturday, November 08, 2008

Telkomsel Flash


Well, I got it activated last Wednesday actually, but because my computer is still on its looooong way to Sorowako, I could only get online at night. When Hiro's computer is available and Iki is sleeping *sigh*. Actually I could use Telkomsel Flash from my mobile phone, but it just could not get connected AT ALL. Today at last I could use the internet but it is very very slow. I got disconnected a looot of times, and it pissed me off when I left comments at some people's blogs and they are all gone! (Sorry Sheila, Intan, Benova :p).

I hope this email could be successfully posted hahahaha

It might be different at other places in Indonesia though :). I actually am not surprised yet dissapointed :p. The mobile phone line got disconnected for many times especially during hard rain that I know I should not expect that much about the internet connection. Anyway, good to be back on the web. I hate updating blogs through my tiny cellphone hahaha

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LadyinRed said...

Hey, nothing works properly in Indonesia and probably worse in outer cities like Sorowako :p... No worries, I was so happy to YM with you the other day, knowing at least you're still contactable :)