Monday, November 03, 2008


Yesterday morning we went swimming in the lake with my new blog friend, yuni-chan, who surprisingly is one of Hiro's staffs (what a small world!). We went to the yacht club at Salonsa area and had some swimming when suddenly Yuni found out that we could rent canoes! Yay!
We went around the lake with two canoes. It was my first time, so I didn't know how to row. Iki kept disturbing papa-chan too so our canoe was a bit uncontrollable. We took a rest at Salonsa beach and swam there and Iki didn't want to get back on the canoe. He said that it was scary (>.<).....
So we had to put him on it though he was crying. Nila helped Hiro rowing while I hugged Iki who was frozen. Oh well.......
But I like canoe-ing! This morning I got muscle pain on my both shoulders and hands. I think it would be a good sport for my blabering hands hahaha. Next time l want to try it again (if Hiro doesn't mind just accompanying Iki swimming) - ehm, are you reading this Yuni? :p

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