Monday, May 02, 2005


I'm in love!!! so much in love with Patrick (^______^)

Patrick is a bestfriend of nowadays-famous-cartoon-character, SpongeBob Squarepants.
Gee...."who are they??"
For you who doesn't know yet about this cartoon....kasihan deeeh hihihi

Ok well, let me tell you shortly about this cartoon.

SpongeBob Squarepants lives deep down in the Pasific Ocean, in the city named Bikini Bottom. He is a cute square yellow sea sponge, lives in a pineapple with his pet snail, Gary. SpongeBob's bestfriends are Patrick the starfish and Sandy Cheeks, the squirrel.
SpongeBob is the main character of this cartoon, but I just fell in love at once I knew about Patrick. He has no occupation. He enjoys doing everything that SpongeBob does. According to the story, Patrick is the dumbest creature under the sea. That's why he could attract my attention best.

See my patrick doll!! birthday gift from sweet Yendy, my colleague.

Being the dumbest, Patrick's life is so simple. He is innocent, and sees all aspect of lives in a very simple way. If you see his physical appearance, maybe you can conclude a brief summary. He's so dumb because he has a very small brain (see the size of his head comparing to his stomach!) hahaha.

Sometimes I think....maybe it's nice being so dumb. You won't bother thinking about how complicated your life is. You won't have any tiny idea about politics and dirty games in life. You will just believe at once whatever people say. Your mind won't be bothered with "if...." and "if.....". Your life would be about black and white. You will just smile widely, raise your eyebrows innocently and flow wherever the faith brings you.

Being Patrick...being simple....

Yet Am not.


RinAku said...

You sound just like my kindergarten students :) They always talk about sponge bob and patrick. I even got a cute round blue cake with a big sponge bob butter decoration on it from a kindergarten student who celebrated his birthday at school this morning. So, sponge bob is everywhere, eh?

Talking about simpe life, I sometimes feel like having one. I wish. There would be no burdens and ridiculous responsibilities, but this real life is in fact not.

Sheila said...

Wanna ask Gie how does it feel to have a simple mind and live a simple life? She should be starring the reality show Simple Life instead of Paris Hilton (now let us first and foremost exclude the physical difference that makes one a star and the other not, hihihi *wink*)

I guess everyone, including ME, wishes to have a simple life. Play, study, work, get money, enjoy life, one man - one woman straight marriage, two children, huge house, die smiling. Whew, what a nice realization of what Joger expresses as "Muda foya-foya, mati masuk surga".

But then again, life ain't that simple, and we, Imoet, are humanbeings with "excessive" size at boops, or butt / arms / legs for others, not our brain or stomach, unlike Patrick! :P