Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bye single...

So.....here the time comes.....

I couldn't sleep for the whole week. My mind brought me back and forth, to all the things that have happened in my life. I'm in my 25 years old, and (inspired from my boss, Vera) will change my status from a "ms" to a "mrs". Oh man.....is this real? am I dreaming? everything just happened in a blink. Still can't believe this.

Am I satisfied already with my single life? with all the achievements, failures, lessons of life, and adventures. Also for all the stupidest and craziest things I've done. Am I satisfied already? Am I ready for the new life almost every girl dreamt of with the love one? Could I be a good wife? Could this sloppy girl be a good mother later on?

With wide opened eyes in my dark room, all the things happened in my life flashed back like a film...
  • I can say I have a strange happy childhood, with strangely close relationship with my brother and sister.
  • I've experienced a spoilt life. With my parents trying to give me whatever I want.
  • Also experienced the hard one. Sometimes with no money at all left in my pocket.
  • But there I saw and learnt. How my parents worked hard day and night, struggling to provide their children the best they could.
  • I've given my parents my best achievements in school. The only thing I could do to pay them back. Their proud smiles motivated me most to keep the yearly gradelist on the top ranks.
  • I've experience studying at two universities with two different major.
  • I graduated cum laude from uni, with predicate of best active student. Brought my parents to come in front of Widya Mandala's 700 graduates. It was the gift for my expensive tuition fee.
  • I've experienced the active school and uni life. With lots of friends, and lots of activities.
  • I've experienced uni's busy and active organization life. There I developed myself and learnt about responsibility.
  • I've experienced the busy part-time workings.
  • I've experienced the adventurous last minute travels with Mariza. Thing I wouldn't consider to do again now hahaha
  • I've experienced a 4-year relationship with a nice but conventional guy, and how it was to be welcomed in his family.
  • I've experienced also a 1-month wild relationship with my junior in uni.
  • I've cheated guys and flirting and playing around with their hearts. Well, I promised not to do these anymore.
  • I've dedicated myself working for two companies days and nights.
  • I could help my parents supporting my brother and sister's education. Hope they could be good doctors in the future.
  • I've satisfied myself eating soto Banjar at a warung on Kedungdoro street.
  • In 3 years I've visited Holland for three times, German for twice, Paris, Belgium, Singapore twice, India, Malaysia also for three times and Japan twice. My great interest in travelling cleaned my savings and bonus.
  • I've nude-photographed by talented-Carla. Thanks, girl. Your art opened my eyes of how sexy I am hahahaha.
  • I've met lots of wonderful friends with whom I spent my colorful single life.
  • And I've met my soulmate. Been through ups and downs together, till now we decided to step further into a marriage.

And many many other lists couldn't be written here.
Oh...yes I'm satisfied. I've had passionate single life. Always following my heart, and never regret of what I've decided. Take them all as lessons in my life.
Some may say I'm crazy. I'm naughty. I'm stupid.
But I'm satisfied with my wild single life. With the life I've earned with my own hands.

So for now....bye bye single world......(^_^)v.

I'll open a new page of my new life.


Vanie said...

Ga tau kenapa, jadi terharu bacanya, moet. I'll pray for your happiness :D

intan said...

wow... you're very independent.. i envy you for this since i've never been feeling independent in my life :(
anyway, you've lived your single life to the fullest and you will live your life as a wife & a mother just the same...
goon on you Shierly, god bless... :)