Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I'm back and happy and tanned...


I'm Back......!!!!!
Back to my messy desk, back to my dusty lap top, back to my cold office, back to never-ending-phone-calls, back to REAL-BUSY-LIFE. Came to my crowded office right from the airport, beautiful in my tanned skin, and never feel so alive like this.

Hiro flied back to Japan yesterday night. I felt so damn lonely as I got back to the hotel after sending him to airport. Saying good bye would always be the hardest thing, and being lonely will always be the feeling left behind. But this is the risk of having long distance relationship. Being positive is a must. I learnt from my experiences. Now I will re-call the nicest memories spent together whenever I feel lonely. And so I can smile again, and so he can feel it, and so both of us will have our brightest smile (^_______^) or loudest laugh.

Love is beautiful in its own way. I'm happy to have the feeling. And I'm happy to be able to express it freely. Being with each other is the best moment -when we can share our ideas, debate our opinion about ANYthing, talk about plan and dream and future, watch DVDs and play PS2 together, walk along the beach, play with wave and sand and tiny crabs, sunbathing and read novels and comics together, watch our first sunset together, fight for our favourite sandwich club, brush our teeth, do all the stupid and wild things, laugh and laugh and laugh.

Dear dear dear Hiro....being with you is the most precious moment.

Hontou ni arigatou *hugs hugs*

Hihihihihiihi imoet lagi romantis nih [blushing mode: ON]


Carla said...

ngiri, gitu loh! kenapa sih my love life ga pernah mulus. huh!

tp... congrats. :) glad to see you happy.

imoet said...

Pasti nanti mulus lah! dapat cowok mulus + kisah cinta mulus....hopefully ;-)

Thanks \(^_^)/

Sheila said...

Ikutan ngiri, gitu loh.. kenapa sih nggak pernah bulan madu seromantis itu di pantai... dan kenapa love life gue sekarang isinya : nyiapin sarapan pagi, mikirin siang nanti masak apa, dan apa yg masih tersisa buat makan malam. Huh!
Padahal belom juga merit.

Uh Uh Uh... pingin honeymoon ke Bali juga, gitu loh! :p
Anyways welcome baaacckkk!!! Miss you already!

imoet said...

Walah Ella...
Manusia emang gak pernah puas...aku malah pengen ada rutinitas like what u have rite now.

Kalo combination-nya sih..mauuuu wehehehe