Monday, May 16, 2005

Sorry, door!

Last night I couldn't enter my own bedroom. Got locked (>_<)

I tried to turn the key again and again, but got stucked. Nyo and Vei were helping, but the key really was stucked. Huks.....I couldn't enter my own room......

As we were so hungry, we decided to go out for a dinner first. I couldn't really enjoy the delicious soto ayam. My mind were in front of my bedroom's door. My friends knew this and started to blame me. It's my fault. It's because I always open and close my door harshly. Even Nyo said that she's surprised my door can last up to two years. Her prediction was not even for 1 year.

Vei: You know? no one in our boarding house produced that "BANG" sound while closing door.
Nyo: Everybody will know that imoet is at home from the "BANG" sound of her bedroom door.
Vei: Even in the middle of night, you often wake me up with your "BANG" sound when you go to toilet.
Vei: Ooooooo!!! Now I know why mbak Parti (our maid) always make noisy sound while cleaning your window every morning!!! Because her room is right under your's, and you always surprised her with your "BANG" sound. Maid's revenge...? hahaha
Nyo: should eat more now. You'll need it, because tonight you'll have to work with ur door.
Nyo: What you sow is what you reap (inspired by the bible)

Then I run straight to my room and tried to open the door again. But you know, I'm a very unpatient type. I said "sorry" to my door, but still the key got stucked. huks huks......
After sometime, when I felt so desperate, Vei's patient won the door's heart....xie xie Pei!!!!!

So....I just left my door unlocked this morning. I don't expect not being able to enter my room again tonight (^_-)

Again....sorry, door....


Carla said...

uh.. oh... hello... Ms. Plegmatic.. (bener ga seh ejaannya?)

imoet said...

Hmmm...I smell sarcasm there!! soooo carla!! hahahaha

DolphinRider said...

ehmmm aku nga akan nyoba mbenerin dulu kalo loe nga blajar tutup pintu dengan bener coba kita denger masih ada bunyi bantingan nga bbrp hari ini kekekekeke....;p Percuma ntar dibenerin loe banting lagi!