Monday, May 16, 2005

Crab "eggs" or "shits"

Lately I love to eat crabs. Especially those served with the "eggs".
Reni, my colleague at CDU, introduced a nice "seafood warung". Not so expensive, and delicious. I love the sweet and sour crabs, with the "eggs".

Once I like to eat something, I will eat it again and again and again. And so this new crab-eating hobby. Since that first crab dinner with CDU colleague, I still could taste the crab in my mouth. Therefore when I went to Bali last weekend, I proposed one crab dinner to Hiro. Then when I got back to Surabaya, I had another crab dinner with Valens. That time, I enjoyed it so much because I got lots of eggs in the crab. slurpppp. that time I was bit irritated by Valens. He said that what I ate was not "crab eggs", but "crab shits". BAH!!!!!! The crab is too delicious for such a comment.

All the CDU's staffs were so crazy of crabs. That's why last Saturday, we decided to have crab as the menu during our office's dinner. We invited Carla and Vitria also to the dinner (they're both ex-CDUers), but UNFORTUNATELY Carla couldn't make it. Tina also finally couldn't come due to family's outing, so the "nice" CDU's saturday outing was attended by Arieftje, Reni, Vitria and me.

Arief then bought the carb and brought it to the office. We planned to have dinner first before karaoke. The crab was a bit cold already (_ _!), but still nice for me. So greedily, I ate 2 crabs. Both with lots of eggs inside. Oh....what a nice dinner!!

But then today I read Vitria's blog about the crab dinner. She said that:
1. The crab's eggs supposed to be orange. Not green-yellow like last Saturday
2. The crab's eggs have quite solid textures, not liquid.
3. The crab's eggs are located inside the crab's shell, not nearby the crab's anus.
That's why she lost her appetite, but preferred to silent so that others' wouldn't lose their appetite.

In other words.......according to her, what I ate were not crab's eggs, but crab's shit!!

Hueeeeee??????? How could you Vitria...?! Why didn't you tell me?? Huks huks huks....I ate crab's shits. Hmmmmm several times already!! So stupid.....just know Vei asked me "have you ever ate sushi with crab egg's?"
Yeah....I remember exactly now how crab eggs supposed to be.

HOEKKKKKK I ate crab's shits ~~~~>_<~~~~

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