Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Several good things happened recently...

Gie will have a baby boy, as expected by everybody in her family. Congrats congrats. Hopefully will be as handsome as Ardi hehehehe

Heard this morning, that Caroline, is pregnant already. I feel like just yesterday, we went to Malang to attend her wedding. Tok cer pekkkk hahahaha. Congrats juga, friend. Hope the baby will fulfill your happiness.

Ella will have her 4th year anniversary tomorrow. Congrats congrats. Your sincere love is the best gift for Eri. Trust me (^_-). We are expecting your wedding next year.

This morning I made quite a big decision. I refused a job offer. I refused good career and good income. For the sake of my dream (^____^). It's always hard for me to decide kind of important thing. And I feel soooooo good afterwards. After I clicked the "sent" button, and let the offer flying away to the Netherlands.

And tomorrow, I will meet Hiro and spend few days together. What a perfect thing to end this blog, eh?

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