Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bit relieved

So little time so much to do....

It's me now. I have little time only left yet lots of things to be done before mid of next week. Only God knows whether I can manage all or not.

But today, I feel a bit relieved.
I managed to submit all the paperworks to the consulate.
I talked to my boss in Excellogix, and got days off for next week.
I got positive response from my boss in CDU.
I talked to my parents about my plan - hmmmm their reactions were unbelievable, yet make sense.
I talked with Hiro about other stuffs and he could understand (^_^).

Every day until next week is important. I wish I could still have a month or so, but other side of my heart is counting down. Can't wait for the time. also scared actually *nail biting*

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