Friday, June 03, 2005

A week ago


Still can't believe it. I'm married already!!!! Exactly a week ago.

The process was so fast and so easy. I still feel weird. Really I do!! I feel no difference, but indeed it is different now. I'm no longer for myself. I belong to somebody else. All the actions and decisions made must have consideration for my other's half. I couldn't behave as what I used to be. I'm married. MARRIED. Look at our wedding rings!

wedding rings

But......deep inside I feel so happy. And so touched because I felt so welcomed in Japan. Hiro's boss arranged a small party for us with his colleagues. Surprisingly unexpected. They welcomed me, happy with our marriage, and spoilt us with lots of presents. After the party Hiro warned me: "Don't cry Shierly! or I will!"......It was such an unforgetable moment ever....

And I met his family too. Such a warm family. His mother cooked a special red bean rice -only eaten at special occasions like wedding-. She is such a great cook. Dunno if I could cook that way (^__-). At first I felt worried to see them, but they DID welcome me in a very nice way. I was really touched. They are even learning English now!! Hehehe I do hope next time we could communicate better.

I'll do my best for my new family. I'll give all my love for my husband and my future kid. That now we're still separated, I'll use the time maximally with my friends and family. After I move out from Indonesia, everything will be even more different. I have to be ready. But I'm so sure. With Hiro by myside. Nothing can scare me away.


Carla said...

congratulations, my friend. :) moga2 bahagia selamanya. amin!

A2pl3 said...

Congrats!!! Am happy for you... All the best... :D

coolz said...

Imuuuuttt...congratulation!! Kinda shock girl, especially disusul ama berita new baby... hmm, living in Puri Darmo now? I'm in Surabaya for 6 days, may I come and visit you? :)

imoet said...

Thanks girls (^__^)

Oi coolz...lama tak jumpa! ayuk main2 kerumah. telpon dulu yah. mumpung kamu lagi di sby hehehe