Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bad Taxi Day

Since I knew about my pregnancy, hopelessly I had to say goodbye to my motorbike, and count on taxi as my main transportation mean. Expensive, but I don't want to risk my baby by moving around Surabaya using motorbike.

So as usual, this morning I went to the office by taxi. Unfortunately, I got a bad driver. He drove recklessly, made me want to vomit and lost my appetite as I arrived at the office.

And then after work I have to go to doctor. Again I got a wrong taxi. The AC was freezing that I can move my finger badly. I asked the driver to raise the temperature, but the maximum temperature was still freezing.

After doctor, I called a taxi again. I wished I got better taxi, but the taxi came was the same taxi I rode before. So....must be patient again being in a freezing taxi until Tunjungan Plaza. Phew. the title of this posting. The taxi we took from TP is even worse. The worst of the day. The AC was freezing as well, and the driver drove really really bad. At first Vei and I planned to go to Cafe Pisa first to reserve a table for our Saturday night dinner, but we changed our mind. Go home directly was the best decision. My head was spinning, and my stomach was really awfull. As I arrived at the apartment, I vomitted all the the dinner I had in TP before. HOEKK.

And because of that taxi, I'm still awake this late in dizziness. Just finished watching DVD "Racing Stripes" and now could manage connecting to internet from home for the first time.

Once I laid on the bed, my world will spin even worse, and I would feel like vomitting again.....Huks huks huks. Bad Taxi Day....

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