Thursday, June 02, 2005


Today I felt so touched

Suddenly my kadiv gave message through YM. "Come downstair now. we'll have meeting".
I closed my computer and walked slowly downstair. But W.O.W!!!.........everybody was clapping hands, gathering around a big table with complete set of Javanese tumpeng.

I was speechless. I didn't expect this on my first working day back here. They were celebrating my wedding.......and also my farewell.

Oh yes. After 4.3 years working at Excellogix aka. Alto, starting from next Monday I will resign. Another surprise for my boss and colleagues here, so sorry, but life is full of surprises, and I always love to be one hehehe.

Thank you for the "farewell words" from all of you. I know I have this "spcial negative trademark" here, but hehehehe no problem guys. I always love to be different. I'm proud of being "mesum imoet". I'm sure you won't forget me in that way.

I won't forget those time we spent together here. Really......

Thanks for the gift. I will bring it wherever I go around following my husband.

I'll still be in Surabaya for several months, so I'd love to meet you again. And when I send my invitation later on, I DO expect to see ALL of you at my party!! [ngancam mode: ON]

Hiks hiks.....feel so touched. feel like crying......

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