Thursday, June 23, 2005

Last technical meeting

These two days I was responsible for handling the technical meetings for enrolled students in Surabaya. Students from Surabaya and Malang came to our office together, being introduced to each other. Suddenly my office became crowded of highschool students with happy and exciting faces, looking forward for their experience to the Netherlands.

I got this strange feeling when I was being in the middle of those students. I dont know.....somewhat my "teacher" feeling came strongly out of sudden. It been quite a while not interacting directly with the students in a group, and by my surprise, I found out that it's still as EXCITING as always. With high school students and their unique characters, with their naughty comments and also their shy smiles. I'd always love to talk in front of them, watching the bright and blinking eyes focused on me.

This would be my last technical meeting with the students. I won't even got the chance to meet some other students from other cities in Indonesia because my inability to fly now. I do talk with them regularly by phone or email, but I always want to meet them in person; and give them the best suggestion for their further life in the far far country. This year also I won't accompany them to the Netherlands. I won't see those happy yet sad faces leaving their homeland country. Still clear in my memory, the sight of international airport with the students crying to their parents and friends, saying goodbye to each other.
I also won't accompany those kids exploring Amsterdam streets, exploring their first days in colleage, facing Holland's strong winds together, running out of breath catching the train or metro, or trying some new foods.

It was my last technical meeting. Once it finished it left me hard feeling inside. Sometimes I laugh for some silly questions from the students, but these silly questions made them special in my heart. Unique Indonesian high school students.

Well, these are the last months for me to do things I love to, and I am good at. Then I won't be able anymore........(_ _o)


Sheila said...

Exactly how I felt before I left Indonesia and goodbyed my students. As much as we both loved what we're doing for a living, eventually things must change one day.

A wise saying goes (If I'm not mistaken): When you lose something, don't cry or be sad over it, coz you're bound to receive / get something else in the future.
Which I believe goes perfectly right with your situation right now. Cheers :)

Carla said...

just agree with ella. you'll get (ARE GETTING) something else, better in the future.